Sunday, February 12, 2012

"If I were a rich man"

Okay, I just got home from watching Fiddler on the Roof at our local dinner theater. Great show, great food and the best part great conversation. Watching the play has me itching to ride with music. It is always fun to see how the horses respond to different songs. Of course the 40mph+ winds need to stop before I try.
Now for fun. What would I do if I became a rich (wo) man? In no particular order:

1. Pay off Rosemary. Her breeder very kindly allows me to make payments, very small payments. I can't wait until my name is announced as her and Roscoe's owner at a Welsh Show.
2. Take lessons. I sorely miss lessons and with the horses I have now they would be greatly appreciated. I remember when I was younger, 4 lessons cost as much as 1 now a days.
3. Pay off vet bills. Colic surgery, cremation, standing levage, pins in broken back legs (Griffyn), mystery tumors. It is amazing how the bills add up.
4. Take a working student position. I live in an area ripe with eventers and dressage riders with working student positions. If money was no worry, I would jump at the chance to learn.
5. Get a house with land. I would love to have our horses on the same property that I live on. Cutting out the hour drive to the barn would free up so much time to ride.
6. Go to shows and clinics. Gas is so expensive right now that I have to limit the shows I do.

So thats what I would do if I had money. What would you do?

Pardon my model :{
 But for now this shirt I got my mom sums up life right now. "EQUUS KEEPUS BROKUS"

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