Friday, April 26, 2013

Can't Come Home

Are you guys tired of the Roscoe Saga yet?
Good, because here is the most recent update.
I had mixed feelings about what I wanted to hear today from the vet. If the vet said Roscoe was done and ready to go home, I would have to brave a solo trailer trip for the first time. Mom, Dad and Peggy went to PA for a carriage/harness auction yesterday. But my boy would be home. On the other hand, if he had to stay it would be a scheduling nightmare going to pick him up later.
So I informed the vet to call my cell phone since I was farm sitting for Peggy. At work I put it on vibrate and carried it in my pocket (big no no) while I gave a training class. And of course the vet called while I was training. I never felt the thing vibrate. Well although Roscoe has improved, he still needs time to fine tune his technique.

No little red boy in the barn this weekend.

The goods news:
1. Roscoe got an erection just from the phantom, exactly what they aim for. Ooh bad unintended pun.

2. They were able to leave the teaser mare behind the tease rail, instead of having her right next to the

3. Roscoe mounted the phantom, finally, though he did it sideways. Hence the fine tuning I

4. The test cool for his semen provided an acceptable shipping protocol for him. He responded well to one extender, ok to another and the third won't have results until tomorrow. That means I don't have to pay an additional amount to test two other possible extenders.

We do have to buy another head piece to his halter, since he broke it when they put the chain on him while tied. Why they did that, I have no idea. It seems if you have balls, you have to wear a chain every time. Ah well, he will survive. Only 3-4 more days. I can't wait to have him home.


  1. Nope, not tired of the Roscoe saga! It's very interesting to hear about since the breeding aspect is a whole new world that I didn't know much about. I've only ever known one person with a stallion she intended to breed, and she ended up gelding him since he was so aggressive.

  2. Also...lucky he didn't break his nose with the chain on while tied! Jeez.

  3. He's getting the hang of it! (no pun intended!)

  4. I know Carla, it is a whole new aspect. We have dealt with studish geldings, but Roscoe is the first stallion.
    Ha ha Carly,just writing about all this is interesting

  5. I find roscoes training fascinating! Hope he gets the all clear soon.

  6. Yes I love reading about it because so much more work goes into it then I ever could imagine lol.