Saturday, April 20, 2013

Roscoe Update

I only lasted a day before calling and checking on Roscoe. Can you tell he is the first horse we have ever sent away?
Well he was still jumpy about the other stallions, but he enjoyed being turned out and chatting with his neighbor. They began working him in hand and getting him used to having a chain through his mouth. I guess he backed away from anything he did not like. Typical 2yr old behavior they said. Then the fun began. Time to go into the breeding shed.
Roscoe did not want to go into the shadowy depths. The handler had to trot him in. After that he was great. Behind the tease rail, a mare awaited. Roscoe was finally allowed to touch a girl! Cue erection.
Next he had to back away, which he did with out question and get himself cleaned.  I was a proud mama when they reported, he did not kick anyone during the cleaning. We have been working with him knowing the time would come.
Squeaky clean, he made another visit to the teaser mare. Excited again, they moved him to the phantom. Roscoe nipped at it, rubbed it like stallions do to mares. Beyond those actions he had no clue what he was suppose to do. He became distracted by thinking causing him to lose his erection. They ended up moving the teaser mare to the other side of the phantom so Roscoe could try to associate mare with phantom. He tried, but soon he showed signs of frustration. At that point they ended the session.
Their opinion, Roscoe is ahead in some things and behind in others. Good to hear.
We learned that they lead him left out of his stall for training, and turn right for turn out. This way he learns the process and what to expect easier.
I can't wait to hear how he has done in the days since.
Meanwhile at our barn, the four remaining ponies get to go out together. The girls get a break from Jenna and the boys get a break from Roscoe.

With the stallion away, the rest can play :)

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  1. This is a interesting post! Ive always wondered how they do this with horses.