Monday, April 8, 2013

Magic 8 or Joint Supplement?

Now for the rest of our busy Sunday.
Our ponies were so happy to see us, especially when we started stripping hair off them. Always a quick way to make up to the ponies. Peggy we could tell had done some already on the girls by the piles of hair in their stalls.
DaVinci's contribution, snow piles

 We changed out heated buckets for regular ones officially ending winter :) Of course that meant the boys had to remember where the summer location is for their water trough. We did not have time to ride any of ours, but made plans to ride Monday. It was enough to hug and scratch on them.

Before our barn and before Swayze, we went to Peggy's. I tacked up the fuzz ball and wondered how Comrade would be in the warmer temperatures. I got a surprise when we got to the arena, Peggy had gotten landscape timbers (a cheaper option than wood poles) while we were gone. Comrade knew right away that those were not PVC and would hurt if he hit them. After showing them to him and moving him over some, I hopped on. He was ready to go. Forget about walk warm ups, he wanted to trot. Okay I went along with it. Then he smoothly picked up canter. It was an awesome canter. I did not package him, just let him go on a loose rein and loosen up. What surprised me was that his right lead canter was just as smooth a transition and just as awesome a gait as the left. If you have read my blog you know that his right lead has been an issue.
So I had super go-go pony. Time for fun. I added a few of the jumps, which were much nicer since they were made with the wood poles. I changed directions and got flying changes that did not change the rhythm at all. Some changes were helped by Shadow, the German Shepherd, nipping at his heels. He also bucked at Shadow, but he kept moving forward. Now that he had burned some energy, Mom had me increase the challenge. In the corners where he likes to fall in, I added 15m circles. That was tough, but he stepped under and finished. He ended with some long trot work and a lovely soft neck.
Maybe turning 8 the day before magically made him feel wonderful. We can hope. Then I remembered Peggy had started Addie, her cob mare, on joint supplement. I asked her if she had put Comrade on it too. She had. Bingo, I think that made a difference. Ever since Barry's xrays came back looking 10yrs younger than his actual age, I truly believe in joint supplements. We even give Roscoe a small dose. Comrade felt the best he has ever felt in the almost 3yrs I have been riding him. I will be interested to see how his work will be once she gets the supplement refilled. She used Corta flex pellets and we use Corta flex liquid for our horses and our dogs.
Our animals work hard for us, so I try to provide the support they need. It is not cheap but longevity and peace of mind helps make the expenditure easier. Seeing results help too.


  1. I think joint supplements help and its never too early to start :)

  2. Joint supplements always work best as a preventative so I've been told.