Saturday, April 6, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

We finally made it home from Florida. The drive was HELL. All the snow birds headed home at the same time and clogged the roads badly. After five years of making this trip I can say this one was the worst.
The good part was that the horses, for the most part, behaved for Peggy. One time Roscoe escaped his stall when Larry brought him inside and Cob trotted around the barn like the cocky boy he is. Peggy worked him in hand a bit to help establish some boundaries. She also worked to set limits for Jenna since it was her first time dealing with her. Jenna decided to claim Peggy and proceeded to charge the boys as they came in the barn. Thank goodness the boys took it all in stride. I will be interested to see how she reacts when we go to the barn tomorrow. We do have to repair Dottie's sheet. Somehow she has damaged the surcingle and the leg straps are acting up. She is naked and by now, filthy. The others will join her soon since the weather is finally warming up.

Two more things then I need to get some sleep:
One, I finished my first big cross stitch project. I started five years ago and worked on it every Florida trip since. My grandmother helped teach me french knots so I could finish. So here is "The Big Wave" ready to be framed.
And Second, Wish Comrade a Happy 8th Birthday!


  1. Cool cross stitch! I'm more into needlepoint, but find those kind of projects very relaxing.

    1. My next big one is needlepoint which I have never done before so it will be a learning experience.