Sunday, April 14, 2013

Falling into Pieces

Rosemary has been on the Chinese remedy for 5 months now. She still has a significant tumor on her eyelid, but it is much smaller. When we came in Friday I noticed the tip was really loose. I started manipulating that piece. A little twist, then a little more. I cringed as I felt something give, but Rosemary had no reaction and there was no blood. Okay, by this point I can spin the piece in a full circle around the tumor. I pulled it and looked close. There was a very small piece of tissue still holding it to the tumor. I was committed now and kept spinning the piece until...

This thing is really hard, no wonder it was droopy on her lid
From 4-12
We could tell Rosemary felt so much better with the weight of that piece gone.

From 3-10

The other great thing is that she is growing hair in the surrounding area. She still needs more time on the medicine, but we are happy with the progress so far.


  1. What Chinese remedy are you using?

    1. It is called Max's Formula. She is also on Chrysanthanmum powder too. We order both from Joyce Harman, a holistic vet. I posted pictures of each in a November post, It's Back Bigger and Badder if you want to see the packaging.

  2. Gross. Hopefully the rest comes off soon!