Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 2 As the Rain Falls

Not only is rain falling but the temperature is too. Some drama happening at the barn that is really annoying. I am trying to ignore it and worry about my own stuff. Ah deep breath.
Now for the next batch of questions:
1. Favorite equestrian book and movie
My favorite would have to be the Centered Riding books by Sally Swift. She brings different perspectives to how a horse and rider come together in a finely tuned partnership. She also enhances rider awareness of their own bodies. My Mom was able to attend two of her clinics before she passed away. The information was invaluable. In addition my old instructor wrote a book called Off Centered Riding or Not so Swift, that is a fun read too. Sally wrote the forward for that book.
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Movie, that is a tough one. I like the movies that highlight horses and riders that rise up from troubles. They may not win the day but they grow.
7. Most common riding misconception
"Only kids ride ponies," "When are you going to get a real horse" It totally bothers me that people underestimate the value of riding a pony or smaller horse. Bigger is not always better. The pony movement has gained momentum in the US. I can't wait until they are judged equally. If the talent is there they should be allowed to compete at the same levels.
8. 2 riding strengths and 1 riding weakness
One strength is that I have soft hands. I ride light, but firm if needed. My horses have taught me well.
Second, I have patience. I am willing to take the time to do things right. This really helps in the long term relationship. This does not mean I never lose my temper, but hey I am still human :)
My weakness lately is finding the motivation to not sleep in and get to the barn to ride.
9. Least favorite thing about horses/riding
The whole "keeping up with the Jones'" and "judging a book by its cover" aspect of the horse world. I did not make the college team because I did not "look" the right way. I was glad to see schooling shows relaxing dress codes which allows those riders who cannot afford show outfits a chance to still show their horses.
10. What do you feed your horse?
All five of mine eat about the same amounts with a few variations:
                    Ground Flax    ADM Stay Strong    ADM Healthy Glo  Wet Plain Beet  Soaked alfalfa Wheat Bran
                                            Mineral Pellet        Rice Bran Pellet            Pulp                    cubes
DaVinci        1 cup                1 cup                        1 cup                        1 cup                1 cup                    1 cup
Dottie            1 cup                2 cups                    1 cup                        1 cup                1 cup                      1 cup
Winston        1 cup                1 cup                        none                        none                1 cup                       1 cup
Rosemary    1 cup                 1 cup                        none                        none                1 cup                       1 cup
Roscoe        1 cup                1 cup                        1 cup                        1 cup                1 cup                       1 cup
They all get 1oz Pysillium powder and Corta Flex liquid joint supplement. We also use Ration Plus, a product that helps maintain a healthy environment for microflora in a horses digestive system. It keeps the system working efficiently, so for my horses who have to have lower quality hay, it keeps things moving along.
We have been super pleased with this feeding regimen, As with anything we adjust where and when it is needed.
Rosemary checking on the progress of breakfast


  1. The temperature just now dropped 15 degrees in ten minutes here. Hate these drastic changes.

    I feed a similar mixture to my guy - slightly different ratio, minus the flax and rice bran - am also very happy with it. I wish my grey horse would look as shiny your header shot - he looks super healthy!

    1. That shine is from the flax, a really nice side benefit added to what it already does. Flax is a super supplement and a highly recommended source of Omega III. All my guys shine. Roscoe was just brush cleaned for that photo.

    2. Val shines too, but it doesn't show so much on a grey except at certain angles - and not especially in pictures. :(

      I don't give Val flax/rice bran unless we're working hard and regularly, as we don't need the extra energy. :D

    3. Ah, we feed it year round though not for energy.Our holistic vet promotes it because "flax seed is providing the nice high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids that are desirable for their anti-inflammatory, immune system supporting, glucose-regulating properties.' Plus for Roscoe it is suppose to help reproductively too.

  2. I like the ADM lines of feed. Shy was getting the Healthy Glo during show season and I will put her back on it soon enough. She also gets the Stay Strong and when she did get grain, she got her handful of Ultra Fiber. It's hard to find where I am, I have to go over an hour away to get it!

    1. Yeah, I drive 35min to get ours. We switched from Penfield All phase balancer pellet and have been really happy. Great products for easy keepers, but with options to add needed calories for those that need it.

  3. Its always tough when you get judged because you simply dont look the part

    1. Yep, now I let my riding do the talking come what may.