Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wooly Boy on Soft Ground

Saturday while M and K were at the barn, I asked them to help me get new video of Roscoe. I let K handle the video and pictures while M and I moved him around. We quickly found that the ground was too soft for superior Cob movement. His natural suspension was being absorbed into the ground. He still looked great, though.

After the free portion I put his halter on so M and K could lunge him. Roscoe, huh well figured out they did not have the skills he was used to. M got a better response, but was hindered by the long lead and whip. He did not show them much respect, moving slow and not doing his turns. I was happy he did not take advantage of them. Eventually, I stepped in to make him actually listen and work.
The change when I took the lead was night and day. He knew not to pull the lazy pony shtick with me. He even cantered. Roscoe found some energy and did his turns. We have done this exercises for over a year now and they are great for reminding him who is in charge.
So here is the video:

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