Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Return of the Spurs

During our burst of warm weather, I was able to squeeze in a couple rides. DaVinci and I worked long and low to stretch out his tight muscles and mine too. We both enjoyed being able to move without slipping. It was short, but sweet. I think it took me longer to chip his head out of the mud than to complete the ride. Of course he promptly went out and replaced all the mud I removed. He strongly believes there is a reason God made him a blank canvas :)
I wish he were even this clean :/

After the ride, I went on a hunting mission. Ever since the Welsh Show in September, I have been missing one Spursuader. They were in my car, then got put in the truck. I saw them at the show, but then at home only one was found.  I knew the other one must be in my car somewhere. I just needed time to search. I moved stuff around, looked under the mat with no luck. Then I picked up the bag of ribbons from the show and felt a weight. Inside I saw a black spur strap. Sure enough the spur was in the bag. I guess when Peggy's husband picked up the ribbons he did not notice the stow away.
Comrade was in for a reminder. Of course, when I got to Peggy's we had to find the other spur. Yep, that's right I find the missing one only to lose the other. Finally we found it in a drawer. Suited up we headed out.
Still love these, so glad I found the missing one.

He was full of it in a good way, but there was a chink going to the right. Comrade would travel soft to the left then brace to the right. I started looking for the issue. Hind end, stepping under and activated. Torso, bending around my leg both directions. Neck, round to the left, but ding ding tense and raised to the right. All the power he was generating with truly awesome movement from behind was being blocked at his neck.
I started working a series of correct bend, straight and counter bend on a circle while asking him to consistently step under and forward from behind. I set the boundaries, stayed consistent and let him figure it out. Boy did he figure it out. The right began to flow like the left. Even Peggy sitting on the sidelines was amazed at how active Comrade was moving, especially behind. He tends to be a bit lazy. Not this day though. I had a tough time doing a sitting trot.
The icing on the ride was when I glanced down and realized that both directions my inside rein had a loop. Comrade was in my outside rein, carrying himself. I think the combination of his energy and the spurs to help move his rib cage we released his neck allowing for a complete cycle through his body. Definitely one of those perfect moments.
That will have to hold me until the weather gets better. Maybe tomorrow, fingers crossed.
Have a great holiday everyone!


  1. Yay, sounds like a fantastic ride on Comrade. Its those good ones that make the ones that are a struggle worth it :)

  2. I am so glad to hear Comrade is going so well, and can't wait to see some VIDEO! ;)

  3. I've started using little nubbins of a spur with Miles to really reinforce that when I say forward, I mean it!