Thursday, December 26, 2013

Scammers, Ba Hum Bug

Well, I have sold two of the three saddles I had posted. Those checks will help pay for Deliah's spaying next month. The last saddle seems to be my scammer magnet. I already told you about my first scam experience. Not long after that, I received another couple emails that screamed scammer so I just ignored them. Then a few weeks ago I had an email asking if the saddle was still available. I said yes and listed the price for the Wintec AP.
She came back saying the price was fine and she would send a check. I did not pull any punches. I told her straight up, any hint of a scam I would cancel the sale. I asked for her information and said I would not proceed with out the information. These people just read what they want and ignore the rest. They sent a check for $2000 from France and no information. The shredder shall do some work and I am sticking with Facebook or Ebay to sell this saddle.
You have to wonder what the heck they are thinking. The scam only works if the person falls for it.
Besides the scam and the fact that both my parents were sick, we had a great holiday. All of us kept it low key this year.
My Confused Pig/Zebra piggy bank and new smelly stuff

Griffyn in his new Grumpy sweater and Deliah's dog toy.
I am enjoying the calm before the storm. Next month is inventory and I have been told to attend as many as I am available for. Which is almost all of them, so life will be hectic starting Jan 2nd. Happy Days!
Hopefully this weekend I can get some rides in before more rain falls.

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  1. Fingers crossed you can get some rides in :) Hope you had a great Christmas.