Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pony Pimp

That is what my brother calls me because I have started advertising Roscoe to the public. I guess he is not far off the mark since I am selling stud service :)

My photo for the ad, two pictures Lisa took and two of mine.

I decided that if we are going to own a stallion, I should at least put him out there. I am not out to book a ton of mares. He will be only 3 yrs old and as long as he behaves he has plenty of time.
After consulting with Lisa, his breeder, I listed him with a $500 stud fee available for AI or live cover. The mare owner would have to cover collection and shipping fees also. For live cover we would still bring him to the reproductive center so they can handle him. It will cost me $60, but I would rather have someone knowledgeable handling him and helping with the breeding. I am all about keeping us separate from the breeding work in Roscoe's mind.
The response has been surprisingly positive. I have even sent a contract to a respected Cob breeder up north. They have 3 awesome stallions themselves. One of which has similar markings to Roscoe. Even if no one else uses him, but this one farm and his breeder I will be happy.
The hardest part is that he is so young and not done growing. I was asked his height and answered that he was 13.1-2h. Little did I realize I should also put what he will mature to. Such a learning curve.
For the holidays I listed a reduced stud fee, $300. I figured what the heck, added incentive. Maybe I will make enough to cover the bill when he gets his wolf teeth pulled. So hopefully in 2015 there will be Roscoe babies on the ground. Fingers crossed XXX

The ad reads:
*Christmas Special: Stud Fee reduced to $300 till Dec 31st*
Castleberrys ReFflection, (Castleberrys Ffame ap Culhwch x North Star Rosemary)
2011 Section D
currently 13.2h should mature to 14.2h
Located in VA...
Available for Live Cover and AI in 2014
$500 stud fee, discount for multiple mares
Fun Yearling video:

Please pm or email for more information
Roscoe's pedigree printed on his papers

 I have to figure out how to add him to All Breed Pedigrees, but here are links to his parents.
Sire's pedigree
Dam's pedigree


  1. The pictures in his ad look amazing!

  2. Where can I see the ad and a link to his pedigree? :)

  3. Thanks. I posted his ad on Facebook groups and a local site I updated the post with links to his parents pedigrees.

    1. Yay! Off I go to read more and dream of little cob foals...

  4. Hi Nicole, his pedigree is up on allbreed. he is an awesome Cob and I'm so happy that he is intact. I will hopefully have at least 2 mares in foal to him next year. here's the link for allbreed.

  5. This is so cool :) Keep us updated! I love his ad picture, such a handsome dude.
    Very sensible to keep the breeding and work separate.