Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 3: Preparing for Bad Weather

Well, we had sun today. While it lasted I did Pony Spa Day. 5 hours later all my ponies had been brushed, sprayed with lanolin, manes and tails sprayed with Canter and tails bagged. The few that needed feet trimmed got that done too. Then I had to get stalls ready for the crappy weather headed our way. Hopefully it will not be too bad.

Today's questions:
11. Critique your horse's conformation
Fresh from Spa day: Winston according to Mom is a little straight in the shoulder. A positive is the nice long legs which really show off lateral movements.
 Roscoe: Love his shoulder and neck. No cons yet until he is done growing.
 DaVinci: Nice long neck, but a flat croup (good thing he is not a jumper) and he tends to stand over the knee (may be due to old injuries) Plus he is pigeon toed.
 Rosemary: Great head and neck set. She is low in the pasterns.
 Dottie: For her breed, I love her balance, her head fits her body. Negative is that her neck is set a little low.

12. Horse's favorite riding exercise
Lets see:
DaVinci loves to half pass
Dottie actually loves to jump
Winston loves lateral work
Rosemary loves lots of changes of directions, so figure eights, serpentine
Roscoe so far likes to follow mom

13. Favorite spa day products
Number 1 would have to be Elbow Grease. It is free, always with you and multi purposed. Elbow grease makes all products work better. :)
Number 2 would be a Lanolin product, we call Pink stuff cause it is a pink concentrate that mixed with water. It is a hair product that helps condition the coat. We use it during this time of year when they are really dry. It gives them a great shine too.

14. Three best things about your horse
Oh boy here we go.
DaVinci: His Garfield ears, Super sweet personality and how he takes care of Roscoe
Winston: His love of learning, His trust in us and his love to touch fuzzy animals
Roscoe: His brain, His adaptability and the fact he was born on Barry's b-day
Rosemary: Her personality, Her crazy Cob laps and her ground covering, full body walk.
Dottie: Her ability to read her rider, Her cool head and I love her eyes.

15. Favorite picture of your horse
Okay I am taking the easy route on this one and picking a picture of Barry and I. This was our first event away from home. Neither of us really loved dressage, but it was a means to get to jumping. We look great though and we won dressage and the whole shebang.
 Found this one while looking for the other. Definitely one of my favorites of the boys.

Now I am ready for my heated mattress pad and getting prepared for the cold day tomorrow, uh actually today.

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  1. Agree about the elbow grease! You've either put in the time, or you haven't.... judging by mud next to Miles' ears last night, I haven't lately, lol