Monday, May 8, 2017

Bailey Update

PC: Lisa Brezina, Dirty Harry 2017

One more week to enter the foal pool! Comrade's nephew and Roscoe's cousin made his appearance on the 1st. Which was the same day his big brother was born. I guess Dyma Hi likes that day.

PC: Lisa Brezina, Debonair 2016

Bailey has been home now for a week and is settling in nicely. Thursday he went to the vet for his check up. Since we don't know when he last went, they recommended a kitten package. So he got his initial shots and will go back twice more for boosters. He has a clear fecal and after doing the standard and old age blood work, clear blood work. Except for a cracked tooth, he is overall a healthy 15 yr old cat. His health even surprised the vets. I think the fact that for the entire time we were at the farm and afterward he was fed wet food helped him tremendously.
He and Nia have met indirectly, since we think they were in the same room for a little while after he came home from the vets. Nia a really good at hiding and she chose his room. So he got to roam the house until she made a reappearance. She hissed at him and pouted the rest of the night, but he took it in stride.
Since he got the all clear, we are letting him out and putting her in for a bit at night. Once a little more time passes we will put up the screen door so they can meet some more. Hopefully everything will continue to progress quietly.
Sharing the bed with Mom

I still get ticked at having to uproot him, but at least we will give him a secure, loving home. I have bitten my tongue when someone says we "adopted" him and really want to change that to "rescued" him. And even better, the cat they accused him of chasing into the road to be hit by a car, showed up at the farm again. They may find they have an influx of cats now that Bailey is gone. Oh well, with time I will be less upset. Once we get the mattes off his fur and trim his nails, he can finish turning into a pampered, retired barn cat.


  1. People dumping old kitties breaks my heart. I have the biggest soft spot in the world for senior felines. He's lucky to have you!

  2. Thank you for giving him a home!