Friday, May 5, 2017

Lesson Post: "You make that look easy..."

Wednesday was our second lesson with Natasha. This time we were ready to go when she arrived. I warned her that due to being sick and the weather, not much riding happened in between.
Mom and Peggy started the lesson. Right away Natasha noted the improvement in Rosemary. Mom did her homework and it paid off. Her rhythm was slower and less choppy. I thought Mom looked great and confident. Peggy and Comrade took it slow since Peggy is coming back into riding. Comrade was thrilled. For both of them Natasha had them work leg yield at the walk. Rosemary wanted to rush through her outside shoulder and keep her hips inside. Mom had to slow that shoulder to let the hind end catch up. Comrade had a similar issue, but he would slow too much. Eventually both Mom and Peggy were able to leg yield from center to fence and pick up trot. I hopped on both of them towards the end to work canter. Comrade had to figure out that it was time to work and then decided he was too tired. He kept running through my left rein. We worked to move his shoulders inside the circle and pushing his inside hind out. Spiral in and spiral out. Then I would ask for canter. When we had everything in place, the depart was sweet. When we did not, the wheels fell off... and went way left. All the work Mom did on Rosemary made her canter transitions so much better than normal. Natasha had me use the same exercise of spiraling to set her up for canter. She said Rosemary is at where Comrade was for camp just over a month ago. She described her as liking to sprawl and needing to be more narrow. I can't wait to see what both of these two are like as they build muscle and stamina.

Then it was time for Roscoe. Again I had Natasha ride. The effects last for a couple weeks after and give me time to build the muscle memory I need to be correct. Roscoe tested her and threw baby tantrums. Mostly throwing his head or stomping his feet. It is really hard to move correctly. If he gets too straight to the right, he will pick up the left lead. He had an opinion about her making him move his hind end under himself, but they worked through it. Photo stream time:

Rise of the tail monster

Icing on the cake, my fancy boy
 My turn came and she threw me a bit when she had me do a four loop serpentine. I had to think about how to do that. Three loops no problem, four required thinking. We managed despite the dogs laying in the way. Natasha surprised me by saying we did it well and that she was not sure she could have done it with him. Her comment "You make that look easy" pleased me to no end. Roscoe makes me work hard, so if I look like I am not, that is a freaking miracle. She explained that I know Roscoe and that gives me an advantage. Natasha is significantly taller and he reacts to some of her body movement.

 I really had to work to keep my calves on him. Too many times I want to lift my heel. Yay for the bad habits you develop. Anyway, he needed the same spiraling exercise to prepare for canter. We had our own issues cantering right, but when I brought his shoulders in front of his hind end things worked better. Now we have to work on the sharpness of the transitions. We still have too much running trot before. Even with the work still needed I am pleased with how far he has come.

Love this pony!

Here is the video of part of my ride:


  1. Nice- you can really see the progression in the photos. He has such a lovely trot in the video and looks like a lot of fun to ride.

    1. He is fun to ride, but he will keep you on your toes.