Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Let the Wait Begin: Guess List and THT Coupon

Sorry no new baby announcements from Castleberry as the wait for Roscoe's sixth foal begins. So enjoy this leaping series of Ember as a foal and almost a yearling. My boy has skills :)

And here are the list of guesses:

Micaylah - 5/23, Bay, Colt, Star, Two Socks

Olivia - 5/23, Bay, Colt, Blaze, 4 Legs Chrome

Jessica - 5/27, Black, Colt (My hair dresser who accurately guessed Roscoe would have highlights)

Love, Laugh, Ride - 5/28, Bay, Colt, Blaze, 4 Socks

Nicole - 5/28, Black, Filly, Star, 1 Sock

Alanna - 5/29, Bay, Filly, Blaze, 4 Socks

Emma - 5/29, Bay, Filly, Snip, Star, 2 Socks

Betsy - 5/30, Bay, Colt, Blaze, Hind Socks

Carly - 5/31, Bay, Colt, Blaze, 2 Stockings

Alli - 6/1, Chestnut, Colt, Star, 4 Socks

Teresa - 6/1, Chestnut, Filly, Chrome

The Horse Dream, 6/2, Bay, Colt, Blaze, 3 Stockings

For those of you who want to shop early... Enjoy

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