Friday, May 7, 2021

Foal Pool 2021

 The promised Foal Pool post features a new mare this year.

Meet MHS Gypsy Jazz

Her as a foal

She is a 2016 Welsh Cob Bay Mare. 

She had a chestnut colt by Roscoe's grandsire.

Bred to Roscoe on 7/18

We actually tried breeding her mother too last year. Fingers crossed she takes this year. These mares are part of an established, well run breeding program and we are really excited they chose to utilize Roscoe.

Getting ready to do his breeding job

Same parameters as usual.
Basic: Date/Gender
Bonus: Color/ Chrome(head, body, legs)

Guess below until 6/1

Prize is $25 gift card from store of choice

Framed cross stitch.

Last years prize


  1. Filly, June 28th, chestnut with a strip and 3 socks!

    Momma is beautiful.

  2. Colt, 7/1, Chestnut, two socks, blaze

  3. Colt, June 25, Chestnut with all the chrome!

  4. Colt, 6/28 (because that's my dad's bday!). Chestnut with a blaze and one giant sock.

  5. Filly, 6/22. Chestnut with a blaze and 2 socks!

  6. Filly, June 30, Chestnut with a blaze, sock, and 2 stockings