Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Be Good..."

The dogs are packed.

I am not even close to packed.

The horses are set for Peggy. Of course I constantly think of things I need to tell  her. We do so many things without thinking, that it is hard to put it into words.

As I put the horses out this morning, I talked to each of them. This is a practice we started with Barry and Sherman. They need to know the plan and that we will be back. We see our horses everyday, so I want them to know our absence is temporary. And I always tell them to be good and enact the company manners. Overall they seem to handle separations and the changes better when we talk to them.

Now that we have had Jenna in the herd for over 3 months now, the human/horse relationship is a proven necessity. A strong consistent relationship gives the horses confidence in their place. I did not realize how confident my horses are, until faced with the almost debilitating neediness of Jenna. When Gretchen pays even a minute amount of attention to her, she is a different horse. I will never let my horses question my commitment to them.

So don't forget your bond to your horse extends beyond the time in the saddle. Tell them about plans that affect them. They understand more than we know.

Ah well I am off to pack. I will only have limited Internet access, so if you don't hear from me I am searching for spring in Florida :)

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