Monday, July 7, 2014

Making Lemonade

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"
NQR, but too cute to pass up

We have all heard the saying before. Now I am trying to put it to practice. My hand is still hurting and I will probably have to go back to the doctor. I took off the huge splint and went back to the elasticon last week. As long as I don't bump it or bend it, I'm pain free. I do have a new tan line though.

I am constantly trying to find my limits. Can't pick up hay bales, but can manage water buckets. Can't trim hooves, but I can file them. Can hold a manure fork, but long use will hurt. Typing sucks, but  can be done "hunt and peck" method. I am pretty good driving one handed. Riding can be done, but on a loose rein.

Comrade has had a couple rides now with only loose reins. I put him on the rail and he has to stay there. If he drifts, I guide him back and drop the rein again. If he spooks, I make him do lots of turns into the fence by the spooky area. After a little of that he decides spooking is not worth it. Then I upped the speed and we did trot laps both directions. He tended to look to the outside, but stayed relaxed in his neck. His little ears kept flicking back to me like "Are you going to do something?"
Surprisingly he did well staying on the rail and maintaining his pace. That means it was time to move up to canter. I started with the right lead, since he likes to lean in that way. He found a comfortable pace and stayed on the rail, only drifting a small amount. I got one attitude buck when I told him he could not stop yet. So we did another few laps before I asked for halt. I know he was not carrying his back as well with out my help because the saddle shifted a bit. After fixing that, I asked for the left lead. Well remember that "Go" ride I had with him. Yep he took off requiring me to half halt him to let him know this was a different exercise. He actually tried to slow to a trot or buck more this direction. I think he was trying to force me to hold him up. Did not work. I just sat deep and moved him on. So my lemonade will be the pony learning to rely on himself and not use me to hold him up.
Sunday he showed that he learned his lesson on Saturday. He had the same pace both directions. No bucking and no saddle shifting. He did his job until I changed it. And the quality of his gaits was great for him.
I am determined something good will come out of this injury and Comrade is definitely helping. Now I just need to stop seeing all the fun shows happening soon. I really wanted to do derby day this year, but there is no way we could be ready for it. So it goes on next years list :)

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