Friday, July 18, 2014

PE Blog Hop: Hauling

Pony Express's Blog Hop about what you have truck and trailer wise is great. I wish I could access my dad's pictures because I took comparison pictures between our old trailer and our new one.

So here is what we have.

Truck wise, A Dodge Ram 1500 short bed extended cab. Mom and I wish Dad had gone a step up to 2500 when he got a knew truck, but this one does a great job. It gets about 15-17mi a gallon and it really likes to haul. Mom says it always drives better after a haul. What I love about this truck is that it reverses in small increments which makes hooking up easier. This truck handled hauling over the hills in WV twice to bring Rosemary home.

Our Truck, pardon the cute baby
Trailer wise: I bought a Gore 2 horse straight load with ramp and dressing room at a Horse Expo 6 years ago. Great way to get discounts especially if you go the last day and get a demo. We had specific features we wanted when we looked at trailers.

Straight load (Sherman hated slant loads and when loose my horses prefer to travel straight)
Ramp (Barry slipped under a step up, made a lasting effect and it makes it usable for moving things)
Windows in the front and in the rain doors (air circulation)
No solid partition, must swing( leg room)
Tack room
Oversize and Tall (Sherman and later Dottie)
No Mangers
2 Escape doors

Our old trailer was a 1989 Cherokee, 2 hrs straight load with mangers, tack stored underneath and escape door in between, we got for $105 from the old Base Stables. That thing was a rust bucket and the ramp took at least two people to lift. When Sherman started bending the ramp we knew it was time. It sold at auction for $400. How's that for a profit?

We originally were looking at Hawk Trailers, but the representative would not give me the time of day when we went to their area. So we continued on and eventually found the Gore Trailers in another area. Let me tell you, those guys we proud of their product and they sold it. The trailer met all our requirements. When it came time for the financial part, I told them what I could pay a month and they came close enough it was a deal. I will say, I totally cried after signing the paperwork. At 14k with all fees, it was the most money I had ever spent.

Side view with another baby
Can see all the way to the front

Can work it so two horse tie on one side
Love this trailer. The divider can come out to make a big stall which was great for when Addie came from MA and Rosemary finished her journey. Having windows on both ends is great for air flow keeping the horses cool. They don't mind standing for long times on the trailer. Best part is that the ramp is so light :)

If I had something  negative to say it would be that the tongue with the jack is really low and we have hit it in dips or some bumps. Makes the ramp a nice grade though.
We always wipe down the inside of the trailer after hauling and we try to clean the outside at least once a year. It has a moon roof in the tack room that had to get replaced since it got dry and cracked. The company was great about helping me get the part and shipping quickly.

Now as to what I would want, I would love a head to head, but would make do with a stock trailer. Since we drive, stock trailers with ramps are great for getting the cart and horse to a location. Peggy's trailer has a front and back stall with a swinging divider which we use when we take more than two.

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  1. Oh...beautiful truck and trailer! That's super gas mileage too! We get about 10mpg!!!