Sunday, July 13, 2014

Selective Pony Pimp

I am still limping along with one hand. A return visit to the doctor only got me a recommendation to go to an orthopedic. So that will be on Wednesday.
In the meantime, I can tell you about an interesting guy who contacted me about breeding Roscoe. After his birthday I posted him with a free stud fee. This was more to get him seen than to actually get breedings. Well one person contacted me about a Sec B mare. I sent them the information about who we use for collection. Then this lady said her husband bred her C mare to a Haflinger. I was a bit confused. Was the mare a B or a C? Turns out they have both. The B mare is still waiting to foal. So they were going to breed the B this year and the C next year. Problem solved right?

Nope. When I told Roscoe's breeder about it, she said don't do it or if you do don't let them register as a purebred. What!!!
Turns out that it is highly frowned upon to breed a B to a D because the foal is going to be a C or a D. This means that the lighter bone and body type a lot of B's have will infiltrate the Cob sections. I totally got it and I hated thinking Roscoe would be looked down on due to the breeding. Until he is working, he only has his bloodlines and breeding to promote him. I was torn thinking I had to let them register as a purebred. His breeder told me to stay strong for the breed. She also said she would talk to them if they called.

My decision was made after a conversation with the guy who owns the mares. He ended up calling me before talking to the breeder. He talked about wanting to breed a bigger bodied driving pony and improve performance. His B used to be a lesson pony so she has a good mind. I figured great, Roscoe has driving in his blood. Plus if he was so into the performance side he would be open to registering as a half welsh. So I told him that if he registered half welsh, I could discount his C breeding next year. He said if he wanted a half welsh he would breed to a Friesian. I said go ahead as I would not compromise on this point. Then he got a bit ugly. "Well it's not like people are beating down the door to breed your stallion." "He is not very Cobby anyway." "You making too big a deal over all this."
Mr Not Very Cobby :P Rocking his mama's pink eared fly mask. The only one he keeps on.

Seriously that is how you think to change my mind. What is even worse, is that he said the same things to the breeder when they talked. Both of us kicked ourselves for not asking why he even want to breed to Roscoe. He came up with yet another stallion to take the B to instead. I figured that was it from them.
Well last Sunday he called me again. This time about the C mare. He said that he did not think the breeder would like her because she has B in her bloodline. So I talked to the breeder and she said that though not a great situation, the B's are far enough back in her lineage to not cause an issue. I let him know it was okay, but have not heard anything more.

I may be a Pony Pimp but I am going to be selective where I can. I wish he had bred this year so that his training was reinforced, but  I won't alienate his breeder or the Cob people to achieve it. Oh, what an adventure we have started.

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