Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pony Relocation

So it has been awhile, but you did not miss much. Rain, high humidity, crappy work week, still sore finger capped off with the unexpected death of a coworker. We did hit the Dover Tent Sale and found some good stuff.
Bit for Rosemary $40

Halter for Roscoe $10

Fly Masks for $20 and $15

Fly Sheet for Rosemary $50

New Whips $20 each

The big news is that we moved the horses to Peggy's for a trial month. Since we can't get our own farm right now and since Addie died, we all decided to try having the horses all together. We do have to add some shelter since there is not enough stalls, but it is workable. The girls would share the larger stall, DaVinci and Roscoe would have a run in and Winston would spend days on grass and nights on sacrifice with Comrade. We really want to get Roscoe and Comrade together so that DaVinci can get a break.
Our main motivation for moving is to get to ride more. Peggy has the arena and less grass. Which means we won't have 7 hours of mowing. The vibe at our barn has gotten worse and we come home frustrated more often than not. So while this will be a major adjustment, I hope the benefits will prevail. We will do a month trial before giving our 30 days notice at our barn. Unless they kick us out beforehand :{
I am really excited to get the ponies in shape. Plus Roscoe is ready to be started when my hand is better. Mom will spend today and tomorrow shifting things over from our barn. Then we shall see what happens.
They all loaded like champs, even Winston who has not been on a trailer in years. The boys went in Peggy's stock trailer. DaVinci and Winston up front and Roscoe in the back. Though DaVinci untied himself and turned around to face backwards so he could reassure Roscoe and still be with Winston. Such a good boy. The girls rode in our trailer and got taken off first. They trotted around their area happily.
Girls area overlooks the arena

Door to the stall, She remembers

Follow the pony

Then the boys came off and went to their field. There was a pony pile up at the fence as they greeted Sonny and Comrade. DaVinci was ready to explore and he took Winston with him. Roscoe had to posture first, but he soon looked around too. Winston got lucky because we forgot his muzzle that trip so he was eating grass freely.
With the little time I had, I got a few pictures. I am sure more will be coming as the days go on.
Meet and Greet

Pony Pile



Pulling on Comrade's Muzzle straps


  1. Bah, that tent sale. I don't live remotely close enough to anywhere to go to one, but once I was in Chicago for Saddler's Row tent sale and OMG the deals! You got some good ones.

    I'm glad you're at Peggy's. I hope that works out well for everyone.