Wednesday, July 2, 2014

VCBH: Interested Parties

Okay, lets start with the oldest and work down on what interested us in our horses. We have been lucky in that most of our horses have found us rather than us finding them. They all bring value and lessons to our barn.


We were lucky enough to know him before we got him, though there was a five year gap in between. This was also around the time Barry had to be retired, so his skill set (schooling 3rd level) was another plus. Being a grey Arab helped in my mind too. We got him for free and his previous owners even paid the shipping from CA. We have had our hurdles to cross, but the benefits he has brought our herd make it all worth it.
DaVinci with his previous owner


She was actually a draw because she would suit a student of Mom's. Her cool draft temperament was a interesting change from our normal quick twitch horses. Plus from day one she was a sweetheart. Her price was low, $500 and her owner delivered her to the barn no charge. Dottie has been worth her weight in gold, filling the babysitter horse role for almost anyone, but perking up for more experienced riders. I will say though, as great as she is, I would not buy another draft cross. They age too quickly due to there size.
Dottie with my niece

First thing that interested me, he was a grey Arab X and second his price $450. We really were looking at him as a resale project. The day we saw him was windy and stormy, but inside the barn he did what we asked. Right away we knew he had a good brain. When we finally saw him move, we were in love. Such awesome movement. As you can see he never sold because he is too sensitive and he kind of grew on us. He is a challenge, but one that has helped us grow over the years.
These are his sale ad pictures that I actually saw:


We had lost Sherman in July and I had started riding Comrade. So I decided it was time to spend money on getting what we wanted and that was a Cob, specifically a Castleberry Cob. Mom and I drooled over the ponies Lisa had listed for sale. I knew I could not afford anything but a weanling so I asked how much they were. I had my eye on this filly

Imagine my surprise when she responds with an offer to buy Rosemary in foal for the cost of the foal. Rosemary was definitely one Mom and I liked. She was already started, just enough for us and we would get a foal too. Plus she was black and I always wanted a black horse. We loved her sale video.
After a lot of deliberation we said yes. And less than a year later we got Roscoe.
Now I just want to get her going to show off all her skills. Time goes by too quickly. Hopefully we will have a solution soon. More to come on that.

One of her training pictures when she was for sale. Picture by Castleberry Welsh Cobs

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