Thursday, July 31, 2014

Colic Scare

The horses have done really well with the move, but for one. It seems DaVinci took it upon himself to absorb all the stress from everyone else. The result being him not feeling well yesterday and us paying an emergency vet call. Plus a boatload of Raninidine , Ulcer Guard and Ace. He stressed himself into a colic and a racing heartbeat. Poor boy looked miserable.
So now he gets 10 tablets of Ranindine 3x a day, half a tube of Ulcer Guard and 1cc of Ace 1-2x a day to help him chill out. We are familiar with this course of action since he did the same thing after he hurt his knee requiring a hospital stay and was so stressed by time we got him home we had to call the vet. This a just how DaVinci is, but he looked normal this morning. Fingers crossed he won't do this again.
Chilling out this morning

The other horses are figuring things out. Roscoe misses his stall, but we can work on rotating so he gets some time. Winston has melded with Sonny and Comrade like he has known them forever. They share stalls, eat each others hay and graze together. The girls love being able to come in and out of their stall. They bat their pretty eyes at Larry hoping for treats.
New friends

For us the stress level has gone down. We know our horses are welcome and that Peggy is happy they are there. Now when we go to get something from the other barn, it feels like the other shoe is about to drop. Not fun at all. At least I only have to go to get food and hay occasionally. Having peace of mind means a lot. I slept better knowing DaVinci was with people who know how to care for him.
Of course with the vet bill, I really need to go through our stuff and sell things. So stay tuned for a sales list :)


  1. Ginger does the same thing every time I move her :( Hope he's feeling better soon, and congrats on the rest - it sounds like it's going to be a very positive change!

  2. So happy you are in a situation that is GOOD and HAPPY for both you and your horses! A negative, hostile environment like you were in can be exhausting.