Friday, March 22, 2013

Busy Times are Coming

I wish I could say that I was busy riding my horses, but the weather has kept the ground wet and slippery. We are getting ready for vacation and that means getting the barn set for Peggy to care for the horses. In addition to that, I have to trim all the boys feet. Let the crazy times begin :)

And a preview to the fun times ahead, Roscoe had to have an updated picture for registration. Mom and I quickly groomed the muddy boy and brushed out his mane and tail. He looked as good as he could with out a bath. Roscoe decided that he did not want to participate. Unusual for our camera hog baby. Plus the wind kicked up causing him to have a wild mane. Ah well, here goes some of the shots.
Cute Pony now measures 13h!

Slouching and Chewing :(

Square but looking the wrong way

Just chillin, impersonating a giraffe

Look I can stand with only a little chewing

Wild wind blown look