Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What to Wear?

With the clinic coming on Saturday, fingers crossed the weather does not screw everything, I needed to figure out what saddle Comrade would wear.
When I jump him at home, I just use the Wintec Isabell. I am not jumping mountains so no jump saddle needed, just shorten the stirrups a hole or two. It helps my legs are short.

At the hunter show last year, I used Dottie's Wintec Wide. So I brought her saddle this weekend to make sure it would work. The first day I used a thin pad. Comrade had no problem with the saddle, but it did keep shifting right. Drove me crazy. The next day I used my sheepskin pad. Much better shifting wise, but still a little was happening. I soon found that my right stirrup was a half hole shorter than the left, making me step on it more causing the shift. I solved that by switching the stirrups around. I am still a little torn on using the Wide saddle, but Comrade was great in it and I won't look like a crazy person riding in a dressage saddle for a jumping clinic.
I remember doing dressage tests on Barry in my Pro Trainer event saddle and no one looked at me funny. I don't think I would get the same result jumping in a dressage saddle. Our sport is unfortunately one where image is judged.
I have also decided to put Comrade back into the 3 piece loose ring for the clinic. First because we have worked longer in that bit and I know he likes it. Second because it will show me if he likes one bit better than the other. I won't know unless I go back to the first bit.
The other thing I have to figure out is whether or not to wear the spurs. They really help me remind Comrade to bend and to supple him when he gets spooky. I don't ride in them all the time at home, so I may ask Mom whether to wear them or not.
Decisions, decisions.
Oh, well we shall see. At least I managed to clip Comrade's head and ears. No more bearded winter pony look. Now to find my paddocks and britches...

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