Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clinc Thoughts and Shrinkage

As I have started coming out of my sick haze, I have watched the video and thought about the clinic. One big thing all of us decided was that Comrade prefers the 3 piece loose ring with the peanut vs the egg butt revolver. He achieved softness much quicker and was happier. In our warm up he was nice and long in his neck with his crest softly flopping. The egg butt will move on to Rosemary to see how she likes it.
The other thing I realized after watching the video was how far Comrade has come and how well he reads his rider. Although I wish we were more our normal selves for the clinic, ie not sick for me and not babysitting for Comrade, it was great to see him tone it down to a level he thought I could handle. After all the actual reason for me riding him is for him to be safe for Peggy. This clinic shows he is more than ready for Peggy to get back into riding him. I was a total passenger during this lesson despite how well the instructor thought I was riding while sick. Comrade could have taken advantage of my lack of command, but instead he adjusted and listened.
Finally I noticed nearly each time we turned into the center pole sequence from the right Comrade had to skip to make the distance. The left turns and lines were smoother. I think it is because he leans on that shoulder, but it will be something to watch for in the future. I love the advantage of watching video back.
Just cause its cute :)

Okay enough about Comrade.

Rosemary has been on the Chinese herbs for 4 months now and the changes have been interesting. The sarcoid kept getting bigger. To the point we emailed Joyce again to make sure it was still an acceptable reaction.
So here is some pictures of recent changes:

Sarcoid 1-26-13 (after a cleaning)

Sarcoid 2-15-13

Sarcoid 3-3-13

Sarcoid 3-10-13
Can you see the difference? We have shrinkage!!!
It seems to have finished uprooting and now sags on her lid. When we noticed the sagging we also  noticed the softness at the right side. Soon after the sarcoid starting shrinking. The roundness became more pointed. The girth decreased. There is a big scab on the tip, so I have no idea how much is actually there.
So far the reactions are going the right direction. Mom and I are hoping the size shrinks enough before fly season starts that a mask won't be uncomfortable. It is still too big for her to do any driving since the blinkers would rub, but her bridle can go over so she can still work.
It may be the biology major in me, but I have enjoyed watching the progression. The body is an amazing piece of work.

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  1. Love Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore doing dressage! That's awesome!

    That sarcoid still looks scary but when you compare to the first picture, definite improvement! It's great that you've been documenting it so well. Good luck, I hope it continues to get better!