Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dottie in Art

Some of you may remember this picture my sister in law took one day at the barn.
Lily and I were leading Dottie to her stall. Of course I am only a leg an a foot in the picture. So many people saw this picture and saw it as a child leading a horse into the light (heaven). In fact on Facebook someone not connected to me or my sister in law posted the picture with the caption "A child shall lead them." A beautiful thought.
So today as I was chipping away at my to do list, my phone beeps a Facebook notice. My sister in law tagged my in a picture. Hmm, what could that be?


I have to say we could only wish the view out that door looked like this :) I only wish that the artist had taken the loop of lead line that I am holding out of the picture, so there would just be the line to my niece.
When her time comes, way way into the future, I hope she walks off into a beautiful green field with easy access to a cool barn. The picture is great, but Dottie would not appreciate flowers so much.
Overall it is a great gift and a wonderful way to store a memory.

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