Saturday, March 16, 2013

Made For Me

Today was a good day, even with the gray skys and intermittent rain. Why?

1. Dottie was able to get another reset for her shoes. Yippee!

2. I noticed Rosemary has had a portion of her mane groomed off by Dottie. So I started shortening her mane to even it out some. Surprise, Rosemary actually fell asleep while I worked. I still have not decided how short I will take it. Now if only Roscoe would learn to fall asleep while his mane is pulled.

3. Peggy found a great deal on a harness for Rosemary. Which is good because she is outgrowing our old one. When I got to her house today, she showed me. This is a quality harness with beautiful details. She has been working on getting it cleaned up and the brass polished. I can't wait to try it on Rosemary. We still have to wait till July to give it to my Mom. I wonder if we will be able to wait that long :)

4. Comrade was back to his spunky self, so I really must be feeling better. Unfortunately, I passed it on to poor Peggy.

5. And the biggest and best part of the day. Peggy got me dress boots and they fit almost perfectly. I have never had a pair that fit so well and I have not even had a pair for years now. Most boots do not work for me because I am so short and have a wide calf. They make boots with wide enough calf widths, but the width starts too high up the leg for the height of mine. These boots Peggy found are short, extra wide in my foot size. I am so excited. They are an English brand called Equitector. Here are some features the website lists:
Now I can't wait to go to a show and try them out.

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