Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Fitter Fat

July 2011: Roscoe, Me and my Nephew

My friends laugh when I say I just want to be a "fitter" fat. I know myself and that self is not ever going to be an acceptable "rider" weight. Even in high school when I was active in sports and riding regularly, I was heavy for a rider. My height goes against me too. But years ago I saw a Today show episode that asked which of two women was healthier. One was a healthy looking skinny, not bony, and the other carried extra weight. Going by sight alone most people would assume the skinny one was healthier. That is the society we live in. In fact it turned out the heavier women was healthier.
1. She exercised. Not hard core or extremely, but consistently.
2. She ate foods in a balanced way, no diets. Just portion control

The other lady did not exercise because she was already skinny. I think they went so far to look at cholesterol and she had the higher one. That I can believe since I see it in my own family members. My Mom has very low levels while her brother, who is a stick, had a very high level.
My Uncle doling out puppy love

That episode made a lasting impression on me. Just because I "look" one way on the outside does not mean I am that way on the inside.

Viva Carlos has another great blog hop happening about why we continue to ride. Part of it for me it that it is exercise. Riding, grooming and taking care of the land all burn calories. I would seriously be fat as a cow if I did not have that output of energy. The other reason I ride is because the horses are a stress relief for me. Stress is a proven factor in weight gain. I can't afford lessons or shows, but I still get something valuable from riding my horses.

A month or so ago my brother convinced me to buy an exercise program. It also included a nutrition plan, but that was too extreme for me. The exercise is 30min each day with an option to do a 10min abs set if you don't have time. I have been really happy with the program. It has cardio, Pilate's, yoga and arms/legs type of workouts. The best part is they offer a lower intensity person to follow. I can start at the higher then move to the lower if I need to. One thing I refused to do was step on the scale. I am only going by how I feel. That is all that counts for me.

So have I noticed a difference? Yes, I can do more barn work without getting breathless. I am quicker trimming feet and feel stronger in the saddle. To be honest I don't want to lose to much weight because I cannot afford new clothes. Luckily my barn clothes consist of sweatpants and t-shirts so they are safe.

My fitter fat may not be a beach body, but it will be healthier for me. Because I have been judged for my weight, when I see a heavy set person riding I say "good for them." They are doing something that gets them moving and that is a step towards something better.

3 Active Women with weight

My other incentive is Roscoe. His breeder will not always be available to show him and he would test any one else. That leaves me to run his pony butt around. Somehow I have to find the extra leg length and breath to show him off the way he needs to. Then I just hope his flash outshines my fat :)

Now if only I could transfer my extra weight to Roscoe. Ah, life is never boring.


  1. What exercise program did you get? Now that I am done with school, I am looking into getting fit, too.

    1. It is called 21 day fix and is put out by Beachbody. They have a lot of programs to choose from on their site.

  2. Good for you for concentrating on fitness instead of weight! I strive to do the same.