Monday, May 12, 2014

Hilton Herb Mudfever/Scratches/Rainrot Trial Observations

Some of you may remember that Dottie became a part of a Hilton Herb trial 6 months ago. I signed her up because she got really bad crud last summer. She was so itchy it was hard to trim her feet. Knowing the quality of Hilton Herb products I figured it was a win win situation.
3 month supply

They sent two shipments of 3 month supplies of trial supplement and a topical trial lotion. They also included a coal tar neem shampoo. Dottie being 16h and 1300lbs received 5 50ml scoops of the supplement a day. Fortunately it was highly palatable. Smelled really good too.
As for the lotion we did not get to try it until the last month or so. Dottie only had one spot the first 3 months and that cleared on its own. Last month she got another spot, about dime sized on her right hind. I cleaned it using the shampoo and applied the lotion. The shampoo smells like a barbecue, but the lotion smells really great. It is not sticky either which was nice. A couple of applications and the spot was just a hairless area, no more crud. I was really pleased with the results.
Crud spot

After treatment no sticky stuff came back

For another situation, I found rain rot on Sonny who is Peggy's 30+ anglo arab. I brought her one of the lotions (I had 3) and some shampoo. She cleaned and applied the lotion to his back for a few days. After that she could not even find a hint of where the rain rot had been. That lotion is good stuff.
I had to fill out the final questionnaire this weekend, so hopefully the product will be available sometime soon.
They asked whether I felt the supplement made a difference. Yes I think it definitely cut the amount of occurrence and the severity. Dottie previously would have her whole coronet band area effected by the crud. Since using the supplement she has only had two instances of dime sized spots.

They asked if I saw a difference in her skin or coat. For the most part I did not, but Dottie's normal feed contains flax, so that was not surprising to me. What I noticed was that every shed season Dottie rubs this spot on her throat. This year she did not, so I guess there was some skin improvement.

They asked whether or not the lotion served as a barrier. Since I only applied it when she had crud, I could not say. Seeing how quickly it helped it is possible it could act as a barrier.

Then of course they asked whether I would buy the products. I would and I would recommend it too. For horses/ponies that regularly get scratches or rain rot, definitely put the money into the supplement. If it is only an occasional issue I would just get the lotion to add to your first aid kit.

Dottie has one more container of supplement and we have lots of lotion so we are set for this summer. I may even try it on Rosemary who gets itchy from bug bites. I am glad I signed up for this trial since the results have been positive.
They are asking for name suggestions for the products, so if you have any ideas I will pass them on to the company. If they pick your name, they are giving a prize.

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