Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stud Splats

You all know I love Roscoe.
Stallion Selfie :)

But there are moments I just have to laugh. He really thinks he is special and everyone should know it. Especially Winston. Well one of the ways he achieves that is by creating stud piles. He poops on other horses piles, marking his area. This is funny for Roscoe because like the other Cobs I know, he is an economy pooper. By which I mean, he produces one big pile in the time other horses have 3. So when he goes around doing his stud piles, they end up more like stud splats.

Poor boy, trying to be the big bad stallion and I am laughing at his splats. When owning a Stallion I have learned to find humor where I can. The down side of this splats is that I have to keep his tail braided, so it does not get pooped on. Recently, I rebraided it into 3 braids because it is so thick and tied them together.

I will say it makes for great viewing when he is posturing towards Winston. His breeder edited two pictures I took for me. These are his, "How close to the fence can I get with out getting zapped while looking studly" pictures.

What is great is that attitude translates into his movement while he is working. We lunged, then long lined him not long after these pictures and he was super. The confidence shows in his work. Sometimes too much. He wanted to trot, but Mom said he had to walk. I served as a side walker with a lead line. I never had to intervene he listened so well.

Then while Mom rode Winston, he trotted along the fence line or bit at the fence. Winston totally ignored him. So he went and did some stud splats. I did not know who to watch. They both provided entertainment.
Hmm, Time for sunscreen
We are getting rain today. I hope it is dry enough to ride tomorrow. They all need to get to work. No pasture art pieces here, even if they are cute enough for it :)

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  1. Man, he is looking good. I am so impressed with every new picture I see. And his weight is definitely passable now, he's Cob sporthorse weight. Perfect, in my opinion, though underneath the ridiculous extremes they show them at in Wales.