Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The "GOOD" Boarder

Yep, One of THOSE days

Talk about a slap in the face. Mom got a call from the farm manager asking her to call. I told her I knew it was about a stall for the Appie. The appie's owner moved out of our barn, of her own free will, and moved her stuff into the other barn. Well when she did that the other lady asked us to remove Rosemary's cart from that barn since we had more room with out the Appie's owner. What a joke! Any way Mom did so, but we had to put it into the stall the Appie used to use. Mom told them she would have to use one of the stalls in the other barn.
Our barn has 7 stalls, six usable. 5 have our horses and the one unusable is where we put hay. The other barn has 5 stalls. 2 for the other lady's horses, 1 for her hay. The appie's owner uses 1 for hay and 1 to store her food and boxes. If she would just share the feed room with the other lady there would be a stall for her horse.
Sure enough the Appie's owner went above us and said she had to have that stall. Now keep in mind she has not brought this horse inside since we separated last fall. Even when she was 3 legged lame, but she has to have it. So Mom said she would only keep the cart in there and it is easily moved. Oh, no we can't have her needing to move that. The stall has to be clear.
Mom was ticked. She said we made room for her and shared space when she moved in, but the other lady will not share space in the other barn with her. The farm manager said "We can't upset the good boarder by having her deal with the Appie's stuff." Excuse Me! What the heck are we. Those women won't do much of anything for themselves. We do mowing and weed whacking, and have updated the feed room and tack room. After 12 years here I could not believe we were getting the short end.
So tomorrow Mom will be finding a place for the cart and the hay were had in the stall. She also will be taking out the sawdust, which we buy and taking out all the bucket hangers and eye screws which we put in. Heck we probably should take down the two fans in the stall too. We plan on letting her know she cannot use our muck forks or spreader. She has burnt the bridge to ashes.
The manager also said we had to move our truck which is a pain. We keep it parked in front of the barn since they got an RV and we could no longer keep it with the trailer. So Mom has to find a place for that too. We would just bring it home, but having it an hour away makes emergencies tough. When Sherman coliced we had to borrow the farm's truck to bring him to the vet. Of course the other lady has 2 trailers taking up room in the parking area, but she is the favored one.

I hope the perfect place becomes available soon. We are feeling like ugly invaders right now the way they are treating us.


  1. Uggghhh...the place I boarded at a year or so ago used to pull stunts like that and pick favorites - suddenly my horse is living in a paddock with no shelter and the 'new' horse/owner has the run in I'm paying for. Frustrating for everyone when you are constantly having to move hay/supplies/horses around to accommodate the barn owner's whims. I'm much happier away from the drama, I hope you find a good solution soon :) Also wanted to comment on the last post that Roscoe is looking great!

    1. Wow, I would have thrown a fit if they did something like that. This is definitely a case of the Squeaky Wheel...
      I am really happy with Roscoe's weight now. He just needed time for the grass and other food to do their job.

  2. Wow! Just wow. I hope you guys are able to find a new place, nothing is worse than feeling a sinking feeling walking up to the barn.

    1. Jen, at least all this crap makes leaving easier. But we will deal in the mean time and pray :)