Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Why the Long Face?"

I wish this was just about a bar joke, but nope it is not. After seeing two pre-forclosure homes, one the place right by Peggy's and another 15min from our current barn we had high hopes. Those were dashed after my brother decided his family could not handle living with us for an indeterminate amount of time. We also think he cannot pay the full rental price once we leave. Without his guarantee to sign a lease, our search for a farm is dead in the water. I can see his issues, but his method of addressing them was really wrong.
So in order to maintain a healthy family, my Mom told Dad to pull the plug on the search. We can only bend so much and what he wanted would have broke us. Now we have to forge forward and deal with the crappy attitude at the barn and hope we can raise the value on our current house.
Someday the ponies will be home, but right now we will continue the hour drive.

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