Sunday, January 8, 2012

Renovation, Riding and Ring Bone

Random, not quite.
We have been at our current barn for almost 10yrs. Over the years we have added a tackroom, adjusted stall sizes and put cabinetry and counters in the feed room. As with any barn we have our project list. Today my parents worked on renovating the feed room. The walls were a bit airy so they put new panels over the old walls giving it a bit of a face lift. End of day one has cabinets in the spare stall and feed in the tackroom. It is going to look great once it is all done.
While work on the feed room was being done, I was getting all our barefoot ponies trimmed. I also trim two appy's that live on the property. Those two are a challenge on the best of day. One of them has ring bone in both his front fetlocks. Drugs help but he still lives up to his name, Rebel. Last weekend was their scheduled trim, but just before they got loose and ran up to our barn. Normally, this would not be a problem but Rebel gets very sore when he is on hard surfaces such as the driveway. So even with drugs we could not get him to pick up his right front. We have learned that it is counter productive to fight him and in the end he went off with one long foot. Today we tempted fate and worked on him with only bute in him. Thank god he cooperated. One done, four to go. With dad banging away in the feed room, Rosemary, DaVinci and Winston each stood in the cross ties and let me get their feet trimmed. I love my ponies. Then it was Roscoe's turn. Well the banging combined with Rosemary running around outside was way to stimulating for a 7month old. So I issued a stop work on Dad and closed the barn door on Rosemary. Then I was able to give him his first complete trim. No more long toes, at least for a month or so.
And finally I had to enjoy the rare 60 degree January day by going for a ride on Comrade. After a year of riding him, he comes right into his stall ready to work. For time's sake I just threw the bareback pad on and headed to the arena. We warmed up with some walk lateral work to loosen up his parts. Comrade likes to cheat, but my mom ratted him out last week. When we moved onto trot work, he was really soft through his back. I was pleasantly surprised when even with a long rein he picked up the contact. Then we did a canter both ways. A short but effective ride. Comrade always goes to his owner for confirmation of his excellence, which she readily gives. I can't wait to see how he is tomorrow.
And that is how Renovation, Riding and Ring Bone fit into one  post.

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