Monday, January 16, 2012

OMG My Colt is Getting Big

Roscoe and 11month old Lily and Me
7 month old Roscoe and 18month old Lily
            While I was slaving away at work yesterday, my brother brought my niece to the barn to see Roscoe. Lily my niece came the day he was born to see him and was fascinated by him. Ok whose kidding who we were all fascinated by him. Anyone who has felt a newborn foals coat knows just how soft it is. So 11month old Lily and Newborn Roscoe hit it off.
 It is crazy how big he has gotten. My brother is 5'7" if you need a scale.
If you look closely you can tell they woke Roscoe from a nap. He has hay in his hair ;)
And to cap off the visit and show how good my boy was...
Have I mentioned how much I love my Ponies. Well it can never be said enough.

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