Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday my friend and I had plans to ride in the afternoon. Unfortunately when I opened the barn door, I found Dottie, our draft cross, had lost her shoe. We have a great farrier who will come and put the shoe back on at no cost. The only problem was that Dottie wears a size 5 new balance shoe that our farrier makes clips on for her. Not something he keeps on hand. So once the horses were fed and turned out, I started walking the fields. No luck.
After about an hour, I needed to head out to my friend's house. No one can symphasize about a lost shoe like another horse person. When I told Peggy, she immediately said "Let's go back to your barn and look for the shoe." So instead of the horses working, Peggy and I walked the fields for 2 hours, with me dragging a rake and her a magnetic bar. I swear there is a grass fairy that delights in hiding shoes. Darkness was coming and we still had one field to check. Of course the horses were wondering if they were getting dinner any time soon. So for time's sake, I went to feed the horses and get them ready for the night and Peggy started walking the field.
Another half hour passed and I was losing hope. This time of year night comes too fast. Peggy decided to make one last pass, then she was coming in to play with our 6mth old colt. Where they is a will there is a way. She found the shoe at almost the farthest point in the field from the barn. Peggy said she could almost do a happy dance when she saw it on the ground.
In the end we did not get to ride, but we got to spend time together and some exercise too. Friends like Peggy are priceless.

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