Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Frolics

Our area got about an inch of snow, followed by rain creating a nice layer of ice. The horses spent the night inside so they were ready to go out today. I brought my camera thinking I could get some video of them playing. Well, I got some video, but my battery died before the good stuff started. Such is my luck.
This is a short rough video of them being turned out.

About five minutes after this the boys started to run around, which started Rosemary again. There is nothing like watching her cob trot around, then stop leap in the air buck and take off again. At one point she even did something like a capriole. During her airs above ground show, the grey boys were using the runway (area at the start of video) as a race track. Roscoe could not keep up with the arabs, but he was close behind.
They all played for about 15 min and finally settled down. I love watching horses be horses.

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