Friday, January 20, 2012

Non Equine Pets

Although I love my horses, I also have other pets. Right now I have two corgis, a long haired calico cat and two birds at home. At the barn we have three barn cats and a barn dog, owned by the farm. I cannot imagine life without pets.
The corgis are perfect for our lifestyle. They travel well and are trainable. We do have some issues with the herding instinct around the horses, but solve that by putting them in a stall. Kayla our female sable is 8yrs old and we have had her for 7yrs. Griffyn our male red is 3yrs old, Today :) and we have had him since he was 6 weeks old.
Kayla and Griffyn playing

Kayla relaxing

Watching the ponies

The "red" boys :)
After a day at the barn, the dogs are couch potatos at home. But a day a home has them racing around the house. I now understand why corgi rescue prefer to place dogs in homes that have had the breed before.
Welsh corgis and now Welsh Cobs, I guess we like what Wales produces.

Nia thinks the tree is for her every year.
Now our cat Nia has short legs like the corgis. She is a beautiful calico with soft long fur. When we adopted her she had a major attitude. Later we found out she had really bad teeth. Once we treated her teeth, she became a cuddlebug. Unfortunately we lost our other cat last year, so she is a bit lonely. We have had her 3 days longer than Kayla. In fact when we brought Kayla home, Nia chased her around the house. The dogs get even by drooling on her fur and giving her tangles. My dad uses her to tell if lunch meat is good or not. If it is bad she won't touch the meat. I just shake my head every time he does that. She absolutely loves ham, though. Have you noticed they never make ham cat food?  She also keeps track of the birds, Louie the parakeet and Kiwi the sun conour.
Bailey sitting on Roscoe

Tabby protesting the feed room renovation
The three barn cats, Bailey, Sunny and Tabby live in the feed and tack room. Poor Tabby as the only female gets pushed around by the boys, but she has learned to deal with them. Sunny her brother never misses a meal and is called "the pig." Bailey has been at the barn since before we came. He is  a fluffy opinionated cat, that lets the horses ruffle his fur.

So along with the horses, my cats and dogs balance my life and give me something I hope I give them too. I hope everyone enjoys all their pets.

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