Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Manny" Duties

The oldest, DaVinci and the youngest, Roscoe
 At my barn we joke that DaVinci is Roscoe's "Manny." Since we moved Roscoe to the barn when he was almost 3 months old he has been drawn to DaVinci. His dam came first and he would play with Winston, but for some reason DaVinci was his buddy. We did not realize how much DaVinci disciplined Roscoe until DaVinci had to spend two months on stall rest due to injury. Roscoe was a holy terror during that time.

Once DaVinci was off stall rest, we bit the bullet and weaned the monster. Since he was already familiar with the grey boys, the transition was very smooth. The picture on the right is a familiar sight in the field. Sometimes we see him standing with Winston and figure DaVinci was taking a break.

The last few days DaVinci has seemed a bit tired. I think between the cold weather and trying to keep up with the colt has worn him down. We bumped up his food to provide a few extra calories and maybe I should whisper in Winston's ear to have help out with Roscoe a little more :)

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