Thursday, January 26, 2012

Minor Surgery

Over the last 3 weeks Rosemary has developed a bump on her left eye lid. We have been watching it closely. Unfortunately it continued to grow, so today my mom called the vet to set up an appointment. And of course, they had a open time today at 1:30. Mom and I were scheduled to work at noon. So we called in late to work and began chipping the mud off of Rosemary.

The bump on her eyelid. The scar behind is old.
I vet came and poked a prodded her bump. She believes it is a sarcoid, but a biopsy will tell for sure. Rosemary got a nice cocktail and a numb eyelid. The vet and I both took some before shots so that we have a reference.We will be conferring with a holistic vet about treatment to avoid expensive surgery.
Once Rosemary was snoring, literally, the vet began cutting into the bump from the top. The dense core supported her sarcoid theory. She cut a slice out of the bump and then she manipulated it to see how to stitch it back up. As she was doing this she found that she could roll the tumor out of the skin. I swear it was like watching a nut come out of a shell. All of were amazed. But now we should not have to put her through laser surgery. Our vet then carefully stitched her eye so that she did not give her an eye lift.

After stitches
Rosemary will have the stitches for two weeks and hopefully by then we will know more about what we are dealing with. The hard part about treatment is the fact that it is on top of the eye. We dealt with a sarcoid on the belly of one horse before with good results and recently a carcinoma on Winston's face.
Keep your fingers crossed that we can find a reasonable treatment for Rosemary.


  1. I hope all is well, thats good that it went so easily!! The Vet did a great job stitching it up!

    1. Thanks Her eye looks good today and the stitches are still in. Our Vet did wonderful considering Rosemary was starting to wake up during the stitching.