Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hairy Day

I have been hoping that Rosemary would not need a trace clip this winter, but no such luck. She goes on these crazy cob runs out in the field and comes in so sweaty. Since we keep getting these 50+ degree days, I finally bit the bullet and clipped her.
During her hair cut Dottie stayed by her side

I added a bit more hair after this picture

Clipped away winter fuzzies on her face

Dottie too
 For a trace clip, I only do a narrow path along the neck, go between the legs and clip part of the belly. She was a really good girl considering this was the first time she heard the big clippers.  Dottie stayed with her the whole time I was clipping. Dottie got her trace clip early December so she knows the process. Once I finished the trace, I decided to clean up her head. It is amazing how trimming a little hair makes such a difference. Then Dottie got cleaned up. The girls went back out and I decided that I would trim the boys too. Might as well get hairy only once.
No pictures because it was too dark, but they all look really good. Though I had to convince Roscoe not to eat the clippers. So now I have five less hairy but muddy ponies. It's off to the shower for me to de-hair :)

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