Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DaVinic Update

Super FAT Lip
I know in all the baby excitement I did not mention how DaVinci has been since his snake bite. First, we are all more relaxed because the culprit has been taken care of. He got away the day of the bite, but showed up again the next afternoon. Second, after the first night with no issues we all felt like he was on the mend.
Sunday Swelling
We kept him in Sonny's stall for three nights so that he had access to loose soft hay. By the second day he was ready to go back out with the girls as per his normal routine, but I told him he needed more time before eating out of a hay bag. The swelling has gone down each day, though it looked really bad on Sunday since it went to his lower face too. Poor guy could not even blow his nose. Monday brought a large reduction and a return of his ability to clear his nose. He willingly ate the stockier nice hay, so I knew the pain level was way down too.

"I feel funny"

Tuesday he still had swelling, but only the area closest to the bite. He was even gently rubbing it on the door. That night I let him stay out with the girls and eat out of the hay bags.

Fortunately we have not seen any sign of infection from the bite, but I don't know how long that takes to come. So we made it past the recommended 72 hours and will continue to keep watch.

Monday still swollen, but much better

And how about a baby picture: #3 This colt knows he is great.
Think Roscoe looks like his son, Roscoe when he was born



  1. So happy DaVinci is feeling better! A snake bite is so scary! And yes - Roscoe's colt is the spitting image of his daddy. :)

  2. I'm glad that he's doing well. I've been worried. ;)