Monday, May 16, 2016

It's a Blingy Boy!!! and New Winner

Rosalee gave birth, almost nine days after her due date, on this sunny morning about 11am. I guess she wanted to break the Sunday birth pattern. Anyway, she has a lovely colt with 4 extra high whites like daddy and a blaze. He is a bit muddy, so hard to tell if he has any belly bling. I will do the math and figure out the winner tonight.

For those who care, this mare is a half sister to Rosemary and a half sister to Comrade and one that reminds me of Barry. So I was really excited to see this baby. But dang if I did not have a filly name not a colt.

Love new Moms

And the winner for this foal pool is Renate who edged out Emma with her 4 stockings bonus points. Baby #3 is a chip off the ol' block with a belly spot too. The next mare due, Ffion, has roaning and chrome, so I can't wait to see the chrome on that foal. More pictures when they come!