Thursday, May 26, 2016

HAIL, HAIL The Gang's All Here: Colt #4

And baby makes five. Born this morning, Roscoe's 4th colt. Ffion passed on her roaning and chrome. So not surprising Colt #4 has a blaze, 4 stockings and a belly spot. Can't wait to see what other white comes out as he dries. Roscoe has little white spots in random places that showed up once he shed his foal coat. Ffion is Roscoe's great granddam, so it really does run in the family.
She gets the prize for great timing. My phone died two days ago and she waited until I had a replacement. Good Mare!
Everyone guessed Colt, a first for the pool. The winner for this pool is Renate who basically was spot on for the chrome and only four days off the date. Emma was a close second.
I will tally up the totals in the next day or so and announce the overall winner.