Friday, May 27, 2016

Grand Prize Winners, Plus a Bonus

I have to say this Foal Pool has been a lot of fun. Each birth, I looked forward to seeing who would win. So here is how the scoring worked:
Each pool started with 20 points
The number of days away from the actual birth date were subtracted from the 20
Correct Gender was +1 point
Incorrect Gender was -1 point
Correct Chrome/Color Bonus +1 each
No points were lost for incorrect chrome/color guesses

And a recap of the individual pool winners:

Baby Dyma Hi - Emma $20 Gift Card

Colt, Blaze, 3 Stockings, 1 Sock, Belly Spot

Baby Rosina - Alanna $20 Gift Card

Filly, Blaze, 3 Stockings, 1 Sock, Belly Spot

Baby Rosalee - Renate $20 Gift Card
Colt, Blaze, 4 Stockings, Belly Spot

Baby Ebony - Alanna $20 Gift Card

Colt, Large Star, Snip, 3 Socks
Baby Ffion - Renate $20 Gift Card

Colt, Blaze, 4 Stockings, Belly Spot, Inner leg spot and roaning

Bonus Prize: The Damn Close Winner $10 Gift Card
This person was minutes off of the birth date, producing the closest guess of them all. So Congrats to Kelly who was less than 15 minutes away from Baby Rosina's birth. The next closest guess was over four hours away from the birth, so I felt Kelly deserved an award.

And now for the Grand Prize Winner's
Congrats to Alanna for winning the Overall Foal Pool! She won the cross stitch and $20 Gift Card.
A close Second was Renate winning the $10 Gift Card.

Email your gift card requests and Alanna send a picture to my email, Thank you all for participating!
Now the wait begins before the new foal can come home. The naming game is well under way, so hopefully they will bear names soon. I am trying to schedule a trip to go see them all in the next month or July. For now I am seeing them through pictures. 


  1. Congrats to the winners and all the gorgeous baby mamas and adorable foals ♡♡♡

  2. what a fun contest - thanks so much for hosting!! and all of these foals are so freakin adorable and special!!!

  3. Your boy made some beautiful babies!