Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Positive Side to Hitting the Sand

Wednesday brought the chiropracter back to work on the dogs, who got positive feedback. Well I had left my checkbook thinking to help Mom pay for the dogs, but Mom translated the checkbook to mean that I wanted Roscoe worked on. So he received his session including a tongue pull. I laughed and asked if she had a hard time getting a hold of his tongue because we had just wormed on Monday. Fortunately, the chiropracter did not find any major issues. Not surprising he had some small areas of stiffness, probably caused by all this darn mud.
The chiropracter, who is a friend also, asked about all the Roscoe "clones" popping up. Mom laughed as she told her about the foals. She asked how big Roscoe is, about 14 hands and she said he seems bigger. "I guess he just has that big a presence!" No doubt.
Today I decided to ride him and see if I felt any difference. The sun made an appearance, but was on the way out by time I tacked him up. Roscoe took his time acting the tourist and started to get to work. Then out of the blue he zigged. No big deal except that he sucked in his tummy at the same time and the saddle zagged. Guess which one I went with? Yeah the saddle. I hit the sand and expected to see my pony headed for the barn through the open gate. Instead I looked up and saw my pony a few feet away staring at me in surprise. I put my hand out as I sat in the sand and called him over. He walked over and I told him it was okay. Total fluke. How great is he that he stayed with me? To me that proves he had no bad intentions. So I got back on, took a minute to settle and then went back to work. Roscoe was a completly different pony than before the parting. It was like he figured he needed to focus so he did not lose me again. I could not have asked anymore from him. The best part was that he did not carry the fall, so I could shake it off too.
I really hope he passes on his brain to his babies. This boy is amazing. Can't wait for him to get wider though :)
A Keeper For Sure


  1. Glad you are okay and that he stayed. I can see him thinking 'I better be take good care of her she's kinda fragile' :)

  2. Good job Roscoe! Tongue pull? I will have to look that one up! I have not had a chiropractor visit yet, but I am looking for one in our area now.

  3. Ugh bummer about the spill! Sounds like he felt bad about it tho. I'm curious about the tongue pull too tho haha

  4. Yep, a tongue pull. I mentioned it when I posted the final foal pool guesses. Comrade was the first to experience it. It serves as a back door to the rest of the neck muscles since they all connect to the hyloid (sp) bone. Gotta love my pony.